Wrap Scrap Flowers!


My sister-in-law is amazingly talented and today she is sharing one of her many talents with you.  Wrap Scrap Flowers!  Enjoy!

Hello, my name is Evonne Marvin.  I am Nikki’s sister-in-law, wife to a wonderful husband, mother of three amazing babies under two, high school/middle school English teacher, dancer (the list goes on…), and crafter.   I’m honored to share this fun, simple “how-to” craft on Nikki’s blog.  You can make these pretty flowers in a mater of minutes, which is important if you have a busy lifestyle like me.  All you need is:

Wrap Scrap Flower Materials

  • wrap/fabric scrap (at least 3″ x 12″) for the flower
  • wool or poly felt for the leaves and circle bases
  • coordinating embroidery thread and needle
  • decorative button
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks

Follow these simple directions, get creative, and have fun!

1.  Cut your materials.  Cut a rectangle of wrap/fabric scrap at least 3″ x 12″.  The longer the fabric, the more gathers and swirls you can have.  Cut two felt leaves leaving some length at the base to attach and hide in between the bases.  Cut two felt circles for the flower base and the clip base.

Image 2 Image 5

2.  Fold the fabric in half lengthwise and tuck in about 1 cm of the end to give it a nice unraveled finish.

Image 10 Image 11IMG_0011Image 3

3.  With a needle and knotted length of thread, anchor the first stitch (so the knot doesn’t slip through the fabric), and hand sew (through the back, through the front, through the back, through the front etc.) at least 1 cm from the top, creating your gathers (based on your preference for how tight and ruffly you want your gathers).  Once you get to the end, coil your ruffles from inside to the outside and adjust your flower as you see fit.

Image 8 Image 7

4.  Tuck in the last cm of the end to give it a nice unraveled finish and tack in place.  Sew a few stitches between the layers to hold the flower in place.

5.  Apply hot glue to one of the felt circles.  The circle should be big enough so it covers the entire bottom side of your flower.  Place it on top of the base of your flower and press to secure.  From the top, press the layers to make sure that they are firmly attached to the felt circle.


6.  If you are using a fabric that easily frays, apply hot glue in between the layers to prevent unraveling.


7.  Attach a cute, coordinating button using hot glue or thread and needle.

Image 9 IMG_0024Image 4

8. Layout the leaves to get just the right angle and plan your placement relative to your flower.  If you like, you can do a simple stitch around the leaves for a cute accent.

Image 1IMG_0027

9.  Attach the leaves to the flower by stitching them to the felt base of the flower.  You can even use a little hot glue.


10.  Cut two small slits in the other felt circle.  This way, you can use/attach your favorite clip, pins, headband etc. depending on what you want.

Image 6

11.  Apply a thin ribbon of hot glue around the perimeter of the felt circle, line it up wit

h where you want the clip directions to go on your flower, and press firmly.  Done!


You now have an adorable hand made flower that you can use wherever you want some colorful cuteness!

IMG_1647 - Version 2 IMG_1665 - Version 2

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