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Mommy Daughter Day at Disneyland

Nikki and Anjali at Disneyland

Lately, I’ve been feeling older (31 in April) and it seems that time is going by so fast! I find myself wanting to savor the time that I’m spending with my kids and really pay attention to the little things. After Arjuna was born, Anjali had a difficult time adjusting. She adores her little brother but it’s definitely difficult for her to control her emotions. Today, we had our 2nd Mommy Daughter Day at Disneyland; she loved it and I loved it even more.

Anjali and the Map

First stop: autograph book; then off to find some princesses.

Anjali Autograph Book

We made our way to the new Princess Fantasy Faire to catch the end of a Repunzel show and meet Aurora, Ariel and Cinderella. The Fantasy Faire has taken over what was once Carnation Plaza. Carnation Plaza holds a special place in many Southern California Swing dancers hearts for the dancing that took place there, every weekend, since the 1950′s. Shesha and I both had our first Swing Dance experience there; but not together.

Princess Fantasy Faire

Walt Disney dancing at the original Carnation Plaza.

Walt and Lillian Disney dancing at Carnation Plaza

Anjali was feeling a bit afraid of rides today so we decided to explore places that we had never been. We did a quick tour of the pirate ship and hopped off before the ride began. She spotted Pirate Island and was too excited to wait for the end of the ride.

Anjali Pirate Island Bridge

Pirate Island was right up her alley: bridges, caves, a tree house, but when she saw the skulls it was time to go. Before switching over to California Adventure we stopped for pretzels and dancing with the Ragtime pianist.

Dancing Anjali Ragtime

Mickey Mouse Pretzel









We had a great day. Anjali is such a cool kid. If you have more than one child I highly recommend Mommy and Me dates.

Disneyland Suckers

If you ask, Disney employees will even give you a button that says, “I’m Celebrating Mommy and Me!”

Celebrating Mommy and Me Disneyland