Fast Wavy Hair Tutorial

Easy and Fast Wavy Hair Tutorial

This is a terrifying venture for me but here we go…  My very first video tutorial!  I have been curling my hair using this technique for years; it’s easy, fast, and usually lasts a couple of days.

  • My favorite curling iron is the Conair Infiniti Pro which you can find on Amazon or at Target.
  • I don’t typically bow dry my hair unless I am in a big hurry but it does make for a sleeker curl.
  • The only product that I use on my hair consistently is Moroccan Oil.  The health and strength of my hair has improved dramatically since I began using the product over 4 years ago.
  • In the video I mention curling away from my face but you can actually do this many different ways.  Try curling one side away from your face and the other side towards on alternating each curl: one forward, one back, etc.

Well, here goes! I hope you can find this useful.  Good luck!



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