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Bedtime Tickles, Wiggles and Giggles

Last night was so much fun; I love bath time, I love my babies in jammies and I love story time.  Every night we have a strict routine: dinner, bath, (story time) bed.  Having structure in our life has made the transition to Kindergarten an easy process.

Last night we chose two of our favorite bedtime books by the same author: Boogie Monster and Tickle Monster by Josie Bissett.  Both books are perfect for getting those final “sillies” out just before bedtime.  Trust me, order these books and enjoy and cherish the moments that they will bring.

Boogie Monster Tickle Monster







They even have kits that you can buy along with the books that include Tickle Monster mitts and Boogie Monsters leggings!

Fast Wavy Hair Tutorial

Easy and Fast Wavy Hair Tutorial

This is a terrifying venture for me but here we go…  My very first video tutorial!  I have been curling my hair using this technique for years; it’s easy, fast, and usually lasts a couple of days.

  • My favorite curling iron is the Conair Infiniti Pro which you can find on Amazon or at Target.
  • I don’t typically bow dry my hair unless I am in a big hurry but it does make for a sleeker curl.
  • The only product that I use on my hair consistently is Moroccan Oil.  The health and strength of my hair has improved dramatically since I began using the product over 4 years ago.
  • In the video I mention curling away from my face but you can actually do this many different ways.  Try curling one side away from your face and the other side towards on alternating each curl: one forward, one back, etc.

Well, here goes! I hope you can find this useful.  Good luck!



Recent Happenings

Wow!  What a couple of months this has been!  This mama has been one busy lady and I feel like I’m just now coming up for air.  I have been traveling and teaching Lindy Hop, performing in music videos, AND raising two kids!  We are preparing Anjali for preschool graduation and starting Kindergarten in August; she is beyond excited.  Arjuna is a little whirlwind; I follow him around and save his life over and over again! He is coming up on 10 months old already!   I’m excited to start planning a double birthday party: his 1st and her fifth!

Anyway, here is what I have been up to:

My friend and dance partner Nick Williams and I taught and performed in Minneapolis at the Midwest Lindy Fest Show:

Nick Williams, Mikey Pedroza and I (as well as some other Lindy Rock Stars) were recently featured in the band Capital Cities music video for the the song Safe and Sound. I’m the one thrown out of the TV! Look closely and see if you can find me anywhere else in the video:

Behind the scenes!

And most recently I got to dance with my husband Shesha Marvin to Matthew Morrison’s (from Glee!) new single It Don’t Mean a Thing:

Needless to say, I’ve been having a blast!


My Baby Shower featured on On To Baby

Happy Birthday to me!

Vintage Circus themed baby shower invitation

Today my vintage circus themed baby shower is featured on the blog On To Baby!  My amazing photographer friend, Stephanie Albao, from Intuitive Images Photography took all the beautiful pictures; as well as helped in the planning.

Thank you again to Stephanie, Evonne, and Claire for the most incredible baby shower EVER!  Seriously: live performances by guests, a mens cartwheel contest, a weight lifting contest, carnival games, etc.  Details, details, details.  Check it out!

Vintage Circus Themed Baby Shower

Ju-Ju-Be Summer Line Released

Ju-Ju-Be Finally released their Summer collection that the family and I modeled for; see that post here.  I noticed that several Ju-Ju-Be fanatics were disappointed by the prints but I saw them all in person and they are vibrant and beautiful!  I still say that these are the best diaper bags around.
Ju-Ju-Be Summer lLine

Anjali for Ju-Ju-Be x tokidoki = Farfalle

Anjali for Ju-Ju-Be tokidoki Farfalle

And, me for Ju-Ju-Be x tokidoki = Farfalle

Nikki for Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki Farfalle

Cheesy catalog model pose!


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Photo Shoot with Ju-Ju-Be

Tokidoki Ju-Ju-Be BFF

Thanks to an OC Moms drawing on facebook I was the lucky winner of a Ju-Ju-Be Designer Diaper Bag giveaway and photo shoot for their new Spring/Summer catalogue. OC Moms is the parenting section of the Orange County Register and they post lots of fun things on Facebook; including random drawings for prizes! . Needless to say I was very excited to receive a new Ju-Ju-Be bag and pictures with my kiddos! We modeled their new top secret design and it’s so cute! Hubby even modeled a bag while holding a baby and doing hat tricks. I cant wait to share the catalogue.

I have been carrying the BFF and it is the perfect diaper bag. If you are in the market for a diaper bag I highly recommend the BFF! The patterns are beautiful, the changing pad is memory foam, and the entire bag is machine washable.  Check out these pictures.  I have this pattern but they come in many beautiful patterns.

Ju-Ju-Be BFF Inside Ju-Ju-Be BFF BackJu-Ju-Be BFF Front

The bag that I won is the BeHip messenger style diaper bag. This bag is much bigger than I thought it would be and I’m planning to use it for a computer bag. If you need a diaper bag on the cheap; this bag is on sale for $40!

Ju Ju Be BeHip Messenger Diaper Bag+in+Lotus+Lullaby

And, finally, I left today with an awesome, super good quality, and functional backpack; the Be Right Back. Every mom needs a backpack for those trips to the park or Disneyland!

Ju Ju Be BeRightBack Inside Ju Ju Be BeRightBack Back Ju Ju Be BeRightBack Front

Thank you Rochelle for a great opportunity for me and the kids. We can’t wait to see the pictures!


“Hi” from Arjuna! This is a daytime view of our dance studio ATOMIC Ballroom in Irvine. We hope that our kids will someday love to dance. If not? That’s okay. We just want them to “follow their bliss”.


Brand New Blog!

Well, here it is! Mama Wants a Latte is all about my current projects and inspirations. Follow along!