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Wow!  What a couple of months this has been!  This mama has been one busy lady and I feel like I’m just now coming up for air.  I have been traveling and teaching Lindy Hop, performing in music videos, AND raising two kids!  We are preparing Anjali for preschool graduation and starting Kindergarten in August; she is beyond excited.  Arjuna is a little whirlwind; I follow him around and save his life over and over again! He is coming up on 10 months old already!   I’m excited to start planning a double birthday party: his 1st and her fifth!

Anyway, here is what I have been up to:

My friend and dance partner Nick Williams and I taught and performed in Minneapolis at the Midwest Lindy Fest Show:

Nick Williams, Mikey Pedroza and I (as well as some other Lindy Rock Stars) were recently featured in the band Capital Cities music video for the the song Safe and Sound. I’m the one thrown out of the TV! Look closely and see if you can find me anywhere else in the video:

Behind the scenes!

And most recently I got to dance with my husband Shesha Marvin to Matthew Morrison’s (from Glee!) new single It Don’t Mean a Thing:

Needless to say, I’ve been having a blast!


Happy Mother’s Day!

I’m still away, teaching Lindy Hop in Minnesota at an event called Midwest Lindyfest.  Hubby hacked the blog on Friday and made my day.  Even though I love what I do it is very difficult to be away from my family but I know that the kids are in the best of hands.  Today they are with my parents and they are going to a fun Disney show.  I thought I’d take a minute before I start my day and say Happy Mother’s day to MY mom.

Thank you for teaching me what it means to be a mom.  You are hard working, thoughtful, generous and loving.  Thank you for being you and because of you, I am me.


Mothers day


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My Baby Shower featured on On To Baby

Happy Birthday to me!

Vintage Circus themed baby shower invitation

Today my vintage circus themed baby shower is featured on the blog On To Baby!  My amazing photographer friend, Stephanie Albao, from Intuitive Images Photography took all the beautiful pictures; as well as helped in the planning.

Thank you again to Stephanie, Evonne, and Claire for the most incredible baby shower EVER!  Seriously: live performances by guests, a mens cartwheel contest, a weight lifting contest, carnival games, etc.  Details, details, details.  Check it out!

Vintage Circus Themed Baby Shower

Ju-Ju-Be Summer Line Released

Ju-Ju-Be Finally released their Summer collection that the family and I modeled for; see that post here.  I noticed that several Ju-Ju-Be fanatics were disappointed by the prints but I saw them all in person and they are vibrant and beautiful!  I still say that these are the best diaper bags around.
Ju-Ju-Be Summer lLine

Anjali for Ju-Ju-Be x tokidoki = Farfalle

Anjali for Ju-Ju-Be tokidoki Farfalle

And, me for Ju-Ju-Be x tokidoki = Farfalle

Nikki for Ju-Ju-Be Tokidoki Farfalle

Cheesy catalog model pose!

Happy Earth Day!

We celebrated Earth Day a day early by spending the day outside.  We planted some flowers, played with colored bubbles and created kids’ art on canvas. What will you do to celebrate Earth Day today?

Baby Planting Flowers Gardening Gloves Bubblesandcanvas Anjaliandbrush Pretty Paint Kids' Art Final Product

Happy Earth Day!

Mommy Daughter Day at Disneyland

Nikki and Anjali at Disneyland

Lately, I’ve been feeling older (31 in April) and it seems that time is going by so fast! I find myself wanting to savor the time that I’m spending with my kids and really pay attention to the little things. After Arjuna was born, Anjali had a difficult time adjusting. She adores her little brother but it’s definitely difficult for her to control her emotions. Today, we had our 2nd Mommy Daughter Day at Disneyland; she loved it and I loved it even more.

Anjali and the Map

First stop: autograph book; then off to find some princesses.

Anjali Autograph Book

We made our way to the new Princess Fantasy Faire to catch the end of a Repunzel show and meet Aurora, Ariel and Cinderella. The Fantasy Faire has taken over what was once Carnation Plaza. Carnation Plaza holds a special place in many Southern California Swing dancers hearts for the dancing that took place there, every weekend, since the 1950′s. Shesha and I both had our first Swing Dance experience there; but not together.

Princess Fantasy Faire

Walt Disney dancing at the original Carnation Plaza.

Walt and Lillian Disney dancing at Carnation Plaza

Anjali was feeling a bit afraid of rides today so we decided to explore places that we had never been. We did a quick tour of the pirate ship and hopped off before the ride began. She spotted Pirate Island and was too excited to wait for the end of the ride.

Anjali Pirate Island Bridge

Pirate Island was right up her alley: bridges, caves, a tree house, but when she saw the skulls it was time to go. Before switching over to California Adventure we stopped for pretzels and dancing with the Ragtime pianist.

Dancing Anjali Ragtime

Mickey Mouse Pretzel









We had a great day. Anjali is such a cool kid. If you have more than one child I highly recommend Mommy and Me dates.

Disneyland Suckers

If you ask, Disney employees will even give you a button that says, “I’m Celebrating Mommy and Me!”

Celebrating Mommy and Me Disneyland

Tweet, Tea, Sweet, Tiny Little Feet

Yesterday I hosted a tea party themed baby shower for my bestie/sissy-in-law Evonne. I hired a fabulous company called Rent a Tea Party to come out and not only deliver tea pots and cups but they also served the tea! It was a lovely party with lots of friends and amazing food by Evonne’s sister Allie who is starting a catering company called The Sassy Dish. It was perfect and Mama-to-be, again, Evonne was glowing.


Tea Pots from Rent a Tea Party and chalk boards from Save-on-crafts.

DSCN0193 DSCN0120

I made pennant flags to place about the yard. Super simple and really cute!



Food by Allison from The Sassy Dish. Everything was delisious!




Tables and linens are from Signature Party Rentals and I made the centerpieces using thrift store finds and mason jars. The little creamers and honey containers were each 99 cents at World Market. Tissue paper puffs hang from a flowerless tree and large paper lanterns were hung from our tree swing tree.




The tea party had a “baby bird” theme so I hung various bird cages and tea cups to our orange tree for a whimsical effect.




Activities for the guests included a headband making station for the baby girl, a “Wishes for Baby Tree”, a parenting advice Mad Lib and a kids tea table.


Sweet mama to be Evonne.